By dotropolis on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

…and neck rubs.

I was stressed to the point this morning that I just stared at my computer screen at all of the emails that wouldn’t stop coming in my inbox. My earbud was in my left ear playing this basketball podcast but I really wasn’t listening. I wanted to go home. Or rest my head in a woman’s lap as she rubbed the back of my neck. That’s what I need. This was one of those off days where you don’t feel your strongest. And the only thing that can take your mind off of it is the comfort of a woman. Not even sex. Just let me lay in your lap and I’ll kiss your thighs every once in a while.

In the middle of this wave of emails, my coworker emailed me. For some odd reason, I started to wonder if any of my coworkers ever googled my name before. I flipped this thought and said to myself, “I wonder what would come up if I googled some of my coworkers.” So I googled the lady that sent me that last email. To my surprise, a news article came up. And it was her. I’m sure because I looked up her name in our company’s system and the address in the column matched. She’s probably the nicest, funniest lady at my job. Always laughing and joking with me. She’s never in a bad mood. Damn near harmless. But this article said otherwise. Because according to the Chicago Sun Times, she was arrested in 1997 on a felony charge for stealing VHS tapes in Kmart. 

I might need to lay in her lap one time.

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