By dotropolis on Friday, February 15th, 2013


For any one that’s listened to my music and remembers my older project “Oliver”
this is the sequel.
Inspired by Temptation




01. Autumn Serenade
02. Deja Vu
03. Metro
04. She Wrote, Murder
05. La Luna
06. I.H.A.D.
07. Baccarat
08. Azul (&JulietIsYou)
09. Eve
10. Jane
11. Internal Affairs
12. Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
13. Anubis

*all instrumentals are the respective properties of their owners

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    “Oliver” The Sequel. A short dealing with love, infidelity, and intimate sexual vice Inspired by Temptation BANDCAMP...
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    The only thing that’s making me feel better right now.
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    ya’ll need to get on this cause it’s beautiful and well put together (plus it’s sexy as hell). trust me.
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    Just listened to this completely through. Here’s some perspective.. Entrancing melodies, interestingly placed beats, and...
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