By dotropolis on Friday, February 15th, 2013

…and airports.

We got to the shooting range and they had this line outside the booth, which was right next to the front door. You had to pick up to 5 guns you wanted to shoot and your target sheets. A white man holding a hostage, a killer clown, zombies, etc. Honestly, if you play video games, you would recognize half of the guns they had so it was just a matter of which one you wanted to experience in real life. Once you get inside, they give you these earmuffs and make you wait in another line until they have your guns ready. Then they take you to the shooting range.

Half of our group didn’t participate. Everybody that was, looked nervous. I looked ready. I picked my first gun, the M9 I think it was, and got damn near all head shots. The target sheet is still in my closet. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but one of our people said, “Hey, make sure you don’t touch your driver’s license. There’s gun powder on your hands and they check that shit at the airport. If there’s powder on your license, they’ll take you to jail.” A couple hours later we went to Panda Express and I paid with my debit card. The same debit card that’s jammed underneath my license in my wallet. Yeah. So we get to the airport a few days later and sure enough, there’s a line you have to walk through where they scan your license under this blueish purple light. And guess who gets pulled aside with everything in their bag dumped out on a wooden table with officers digging through his pockets with rubber gloves on?

I went to McDonald’s right after.

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