Tiny Chicken Wings…

By dotropolis on Thursday, February 21st, 2013

…and Brazil.

I tweeted about my coworker coming back from Brazil this week. He was there for 8 days and today he had the deadest look in his eyes. He turned his head towards me and said “R.J. I’m not even here right now, I’m still in Brazil.” He talked about how the statue of Jesus really does look over the city. But the thing that caught my ear was about this girl he met and the conversation they had about sex. She told him that you can’t go up to women and say “Let’s have sex.” You have to say “Let’s make love.” And mean it. Sex ain’t just some random shit you do when you get bored. To them, you put your all into making love.  She said “To us, making love is like having breakfast.” I would’ve asked for her hand in marriage right then and there.

Speaking of sex, I wrote about this cougar 4 or 5 text posts ago whose hugs make me warm when the temperature is in the single digits. I always hug her when I see her but I haven’t really seen her lately. Except for that one meeting I had to go to and she happened to be in. She called me her love muffin when nobody was around. On Valentine’s Day, she hugged me from behind with her cheek touching my cheek. She’s always smiling and flirting super hard when she sees me. But today one of the bosses at my company bought lunch for the entire building. My department sat together at this table they had set up for us to mingle. I didn’t know she was there but she spotted us as she was walking past with a plate of food and sat next to me. In the middle of me trying to eat this tiny chicken wing, one of the women asked her, “So…when is your honeymoon?” I looked up confused. Very confused. Mainly because she never wears a wedding ring at work. But my facial expression wasn’t so bad that anybody noticed. Except my coworker that came back from Brazil who was sitting to my left. After lunch today, he said “I could see from her reaction and her body language that she did not want you to hear that. And I saw your face too. Nobody noticed though. I only picked up on it because I know what’s going on between y’all.” So that wedding ring is telling her no, but her body is telling me yes. I can’t make love to a married woman. She knows that too. I know what she’s probably thinking though.

"Let’s have sex."

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